4 Must Try Classic Spanish Dishes

Considered as one of the top cuisines in the world, traditional Spanish recipes and dishes date back to hundreds of years. Different Spanish regions have their own unique and distinct flavors to add to the table. Giving us a variety of recipes to try and recreate.

Among the many thousands of dishes in Spain, there are a few that stand out and are known almost all around the world. So if you want to experience the Spain culture by way of your cooking, then you just might want to try these 3 recipes that are worldwide famous for their Spanish cuisine.

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#1 Spanish Paella

This main course dish came from the Spanish region, Valencia. Paella’s modern form was made sometime in the 1950s in the east coast of Spain in the area nearby Albufera lagoon, neighboring the city of Valencia.

This vibrant and nourishing dish has been held as a regional symbol for centuries. There are many types of paella such as mixed paella, seafood paella, and Valencian paella. The ingredients usually consist of snails, white beans, meat, green beans and white rice.
Rosemary and saffron seasoning is also an integral part of the dish.

#2 Arroz a la cubana

Also a main course dish, Arroz a la cubana is commonly eaten in countries that have a lot of Spanish-speaking people.  Its main ingredients are fried egg, banana, tomato sauce, and rice.
Although its definite origin is not known, some sources state that this dish might have originated from Cuba when it was colonized by Spain.

#3 Tortilla Espanola

This famous omelette is another delicious Spanish dish to try. It is one of Spain’s simple yet profoundly beloved dishes. The tortilla espanola contains nothing more than onion, potato, and egg cooked in olive oil.

This dish is can either be a meal or a starter for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In Spain, you can almost get them in any bar with different varying flavors and quality.

#4 Fabada Asturiana

This rich Spanish bean stew originated from Asturias. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main course. This dish is widely offered throughout Spain and in Spanish restaurants all over the world.

It is best served as a hot meal and is most commonly eaten during the winter season.  Its famous main ingredient is Austrias large white kidney beans.

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