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A brief introduction about this site – I am Mui, and I have been into dieting, healthy living and nutritional needs of humans ever since I studied Food Science in Polytechnic. While I initially hated it at first, I realised the purpose of knowing more about how food affects our bodies. I live on the adage that we are really what we eat. I mean, look at my grandfather now – he has been eating pigs trotters every day, and now he is as obese as a pig himself… I am so worried about him. And I am worried about everyone of you readers as well.

In any case, In this blog I seek to inform the public about the benefits of eating healthy, dieting, as well as any other resources that I may come across. I’m very happy to share what I learnt through my research in Singapore’s Food Industry as well. While I am not a professional, do feel free to ask me anything!