4 Must Try Classic Spanish Dishes

Considered as one of the top cuisines in the world, traditional Spanish recipes and dishes date back to hundreds of years. Different Spanish regions have their own unique and distinct flavors to add to the table. Giving us a variety of recipes to try and recreate.

Among the many thousands of dishes in Spain, there are a few that stand out and are known almost all around the world. So if you want to experience the Spain culture by way of your cooking, then you just might want to try these 3 recipes that are worldwide famous for their Spanish cuisine.

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#1 Spanish Paella

This main course dish came from the Spanish region, Valencia. Paella’s modern form was made sometime in the 1950s in the east coast of Spain in the area nearby Albufera lagoon, neighboring the city of Valencia.

This vibrant and nourishing dish has been held as a regional symbol for centuries. There are many types of paella such as mixed paella, seafood paella, and Valencian paella. The ingredients usually consist of snails, white beans, meat, green beans and white rice.
Rosemary and saffron seasoning is also an integral part of the dish.

#2 Arroz a la cubana

Also a main course dish, Arroz a la cubana is commonly eaten in countries that have a lot of Spanish-speaking people.  Its main ingredients are fried egg, banana, tomato sauce, and rice.
Although its definite origin is not known, some sources state that this dish might have originated from Cuba when it was colonized by Spain.

#3 Tortilla Espanola

This famous omelette is another delicious Spanish dish to try. It is one of Spain’s simple yet profoundly beloved dishes. The tortilla espanola contains nothing more than onion, potato, and egg cooked in olive oil.

This dish is can either be a meal or a starter for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In Spain, you can almost get them in any bar with different varying flavors and quality.

#4 Fabada Asturiana

This rich Spanish bean stew originated from Asturias. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main course. This dish is widely offered throughout Spain and in Spanish restaurants all over the world.

It is best served as a hot meal and is most commonly eaten during the winter season.  Its famous main ingredient is Austrias large white kidney beans.

How Should You Choose a Food Catering Vendor in Singapore

How to Choose a Food Catering Vendor in Singapore

It is hard to know where we should order catering from sometimes. There are so many different food caterers in Singapore that it is hard to determine which one you really want for catering sg. There are ways and means to figure this out though. Each caterer has an advantage over the other, but since all have their advantages; they are all around about as popular as each other. Some tend to stick out more than others, but all have something that someone wants at some point. So how will you know which one is for you? An excellent question!

catering staff

Consider who You are Planning to Feed

The first question you should be asking is how many people are you planning on feeding? If you are just feeding five to ten people, then you should be looking for a catering vendor that typically serves smaller groups. If you’re feeding one hundred or more people then you should be looking for a catering vendor that is used to feeding large groups all at once. Once you have determined this, you should consider where your guests are coming from. If most of them have been working all day, then it is highly likely that they will be quite hungry and will require additional food on top of what the average person will consume. If the majority of your guests go to a health club, or some other form thereof, you should look for a food catering vendor who typically deals with lighter, healthy foods. Typically, it is good to account for both possibilities and order food of both kinds if you are unsure of where everyone is coming from.

What is Your Budget?

It is imperative that you are aware of your budget before you begin the ordering process. If you attempt to order various foods for your guests, you may find that you end up going over budget. There are three main steps for figuring out and applying your budget. The first step is to determine how many plates of food you will require to feed everyone who is coming. Once you know the number of plates you will need, you can take your budget and divide it by that number. It is recommended that you then aim to buy plates of food that are either the exact number which you found in step two, or slightly below. If most of your plates are just a little below the budgeted cost, then you will find yourself with a bit of spare change from your initial budget. You never know when a little spare change may come in handy!

Where Will You be Eating?

You should also pay attention to the aesthetical skills of the various vendors you are checking on. Some of them are good at plating for a fancy room, while others may be better at plating for an open field event. You want your food to look as pleasing as possible, don’t you? On top of this you may want to check which of the vendors you still have on your list are nearest to your venue. The closer they are to your venue, the hotter your food will be when it arrives! Most people far prefer their main meal to warm up their insides than freeze them! It is also generally more likely for a food catering vendor to arrive on time with your food if they are nearer as well.


Will You only Require One Food Catering Vendor?

Depending on how many guests you have at your event, you may want to consider ordering from multiple vendors. If you’re still unsure by this point about the exact vendor you wish to order from, then order from several! Ordering from more than one vendor will add a slight cost as you will likely need to pay for each vendor’s delivery fee. However, it will also allow you to sample the uniqueness of each of those vendors, rather than being restricted to a single one. If you have sufficient funds, then you may wish to consider this possibility to liven up the appetites of your guests. You’d be surprised.

Healthy Buffet Delivery

Healthy Buffet Delivery at Events – the Dilemma

Most of us who have at least a few friends would have been invited to engagements and other events where they serve food and drink. Be it weddings, parties or even company functions, hosts of these events spend lots of money on their guests, splurging their funds especially on the cuisine that is being served. However, it is at these events that people who diet or have a goals for a healthy lifestyle face the most difficult part of sticking to their dieting plans. With most of these events offering buffet delivery, especially with delicious sweet meats and desserts, one of always tempted to break out of their normal food routine, declare the day a cheat day, and start pigging out at the buffet tables. However, it is at these occasions that one must be careful. In order to consider the needs and wants of their guests, hosts should consider at looking at some healthier choices of buffet delivery for their events, especially if they require certain needs to be catered at their events.

Healthy Buffet Catering Options

Fortunately for us who usually limit ourselves to a restricted diet, there are ways to still partake in the festivities without being the wet blanket at the party. We can still enjoy the foods prepared by the buffet delivery spreads if the cuisine catered at the event is healthy and also coincides with our diet. Even better, if it is a reputable healthy buffet delivery service, we can rest well, not need to count your calories. After much research that I have done, I have selected a small list of food catering companies that fit this description for us health-food lovers. From this small list, I further filtered it to the foods that I enjoy – that is, chinese food. From the list of buffet delivery companies that I have found, one company stood out above the rest, and that is QQ Catering.

turkey mango chicken

QQ Catering – Who are they?

QQ Catering is actually one of the smaller sub-brands that their parent company owns. Their parent company is Wonder Rice Singapore, better known for producing healthy food chain QQ Rice which is located in almost every heartland mall. In fact, QQ Catering is one of the only services in Singapore that comes with such deep roots. QQ Rice is actually originated from Taiwan and a service that was brought back to Singapore by one of its managing companies. Its innovative rice ball concept is one of the healthier choices for food and snacks, and it earns my mark of approval when it comes to a healthy choice when choosing something to eat.

You can see how delicious the buffet delivery spread is, that they serve. However, one word of caution – over-eating is not good for your diet, so whenever possible, remember to regulate your food intake. While it is almost difficult to get fat on healthy food and vegetables, buffets are an exception. The foods provided by buffet catering companies such as QQ are very additive and delicious, and so there is a chance for you to over-eat on them.

Therefore, be careful of your own food intake when you participate in events that provide buffet delivery meals. Remember to sleep well, exercise and also have a healthy lifestyle to complement what you eat.