Daily Exercises for a Healthy Lifestyle

Daily Exercises for a Healthy Lifestyle

Not many people do realise it, but the heart is a muscle that gets stronger and healthier by you training it and growing it, leading a healthy life. Many of us today ignore this and instead adopt very sedentary lives. As a result, our bodies get more and more out of shape and when it is finally too late, we realise that we put on a few too many pounds on ourselves. I recall my own experience of seeing myself put on 5 KG of weight over 1 year, after the year of sedentary living as well as drinking too much alcohol every week. Furthermore, this was enhanced by attending events with too many delicious catered buffet spreads every week.

Our diet and exercise

While we have already spoken about the beneficial foods that you can eat to lose weight, proper diets must be accentuated with a proper lifestyle for you to see better results. It is often hard to start exercising, but perhaps even starting with brisk walking for 30 minutes a day helps and counts as starting daily exercise. It is proven via research that people who exercise daily have half the risk of heart disease and other related diseases.

How to start exercising

From this article, we seek to highlight various types of exercise you can do every day to help you feel healthier everyday and lose more weight. However, before we start, it is important to first get some motivation for you to lose weight and start exercising. It is good to first start by visualising what you are going to do for exercise, and how fit you would like to be. If you are looking forward to having a ripped set of abs for your body, visualise it and imagine what you do will help you work towards it.

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Also, it helps to look at your exercise as something fun you do everyday, rather than a chore. No one likes to be forced to do things, and if you can train your brain to look at daily exercise as something to look forward to, it will definitely help you with keeping to your daily or weekly exercise routine.

Your actual exercise plan


I would say that stretching is one of the most important components of your exercise. Firstly, stretching loosens your muscles and causes you to be more flexible. It reduces the chance for cramps and allows you to strain your body more during your exercise. Also, it prevents your muscles from aching too much and allows you to prepare for the next day of work, and if you feel like it, more exercise.

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Aerobic Exercise ‘Cardio’

In your daily or weekly exercise plan, remember to include a significant amount of aerobic exercise, or some people term it as ‘cardio’. Some examples of this include jogging, running and even cycling. Many gyms have their own machines that help you do this, but if you prefer the great outdoors, fresh air is always good to have with your exercise.

Strength Training

Strength training is an important part of most exercise routines as well, and it does help to channel the fat that you want to reduce into muscle, which is more useful for you. If you do not have a gym yourself, you can buy a few dumbbells to put at home for your exercise. Remember to pick a set of dumbbells that are of a suitable weight for you, so that you do not hurt yourself.

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