Healthy Food And Dieting

Healthy Food and Dieting

Our body weight is determined a lot by age and what we eat. After a certain age, mainly 30, the body changes are usually major. At a younger age, you will find an individual eating junk food especially chips, on a daily basis and nothing changes. Try that after 30 and you will be left wondering what is happening to you. Sometimes, a woman gives birth and her whole body becomes unrecognizable. At different levels and stages in life, especially for women, our body is bound to take different shapes. This is made even worse when we attend events with a lot of drinking and eating buffets. What do we do to be in control?

Our daily diet can help us retain a good body weight. It is important to eat the right food that will give you the right nutritional value and provide the body with essential nutrients for its daily activity. The metabolic activity of every individual is different, ever since the start of time. Peoples work careers are different. The nutritional needs of a man and that of a woman are totally different. A car mechanic does a lot of physical work of lifting and tightening. His diet will be heavier. A woman who sits in the office the whole day, morning to evening, will live on a low diet. Usually, sitting makes the fat settle around the stomach area. To avoid this, it is important for gym exercise and to eat less fatty foods.

When we look at some people, they have been given particular diets by the doctors. More often, you will find that most ailments are due to a deficiency of a particular nutrient that the body is lacking. The body is sometimes not able to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food we eat. Faced with such a situation, it is wise to get to know what will improve your body by assisting it in the absorption process.

Our diet is divided into, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats,fiber and micro nutrients. When we eat, it is important to prepare these foods in a way that the nutritional value of each food will be felt within. Examples of these foods are;

  • Carbohydrates – rice, spaghetti, maize
  • Proteins – animal products and meat, some cereal products like lentils, beans, black beans
  • Vitamins – most fruits pawpaw, mangoes, passion fruit,
  • Fats – animal meat, vegetable oil extracts
  • Fiber – vegetables like kales. It is also in cereal foods coating, some fruits like mangoes, full rice.

In different parts of the world, you will find that the same nutrients may be found in different foods. This is because different parts of the world produce different kinds of food. When choosing the kind of food to take, look for what is fresh and readily available.

Today, a lot of countries are producing food for economic benefit. They export to other countries for revenue. This makes it easier to access most foods in different parts of the world.

When you think about your diet, make sure that you get a portion on each type of nutrient. Remember, nutrient deficiency causes ailment and disease. Also know and understand your body well. When you need to diet, you need to:

  • Know your body well and understand why you are dieting
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Exercise

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