The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet has been gaining much traction in the healthy living and gym-rat’s world today. The simple idea of this diet is that it is simply allowing us humans to revert back to our past habits of eating. However, when I talk about the past, this means all the way back to the cavemen period, during the neolithic era, where all we would eat was meat and some vegetables. Basically, anything that our cavemen ancestors could hunt and find. This means that we cannot eat any more processed foods, such as cereal or pasta. Instead, replace these with leaves, nuts, fish, seeds and meat.

Grains are Bad for You

With the Paleo diet, it is purportedly so healthy that one can stop counting the calories that they take in everyday. In the past, grains were not part of our diet at all, and actually are one of the main reasons why we are all accumulating so much fat. Grains are carbohydrates that are turned into glucose in our body, which are stored as fat if we do not use them. In the video below, I will show you how this is possible.

Grains also contain things such as gluten and lectin, which can cause damage to humans who are either gluten intolerant, and lectins are actually poisonous and harmful to our bodies.

Our bodies in the past are very used to having lesser than the required carbohydrates to generate energy for our bodies, and when there are not enough carbohydrates, our bodies take fat that is stored in us and burn that during ketogenesis. Therefore, the general notion is that eating less carbs means more fat will be burnt.

Instead of obtaining carbohydrates from processed foods and grains, one can gain them from more natural sources, such as vegetables, potatoes and also fruits. Vegetables are very nutritious and it is hard to get fat from eating them.

What about dairy products?

Champions of the Paleo diet tell us to avoid dairy products as there are lots of fat in most dairy and milk products. They say that this is because after infancy, no one is supposed to drink milk after that. Our bodies are purportedly not designed for dairy or milk intake after our infancy stages.

So What can we eat?


The meat that we take must be taken from sources that are naturally fed. These meats cannot be from grain fed sources, but from grass fed sources. Animals that eat grains also are privy to the same difficulties in digesting them, like humans. Similarly, we can eat meats such as chicken, turkey, and any other meats from birds that have wings (and attempt to fly with them). Fish are also a great source of meat and protein, as long as we avoid farmed fish which may have high concentrations of mercury and other sorts of toxins.


The oils that we take must also be natural. Some sources of this include olive oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil. Try to avoid animal oils as these types of oils may not be healthy for you.

Fruits and Nuts

Fruits have high natural sugars and are a great fit for us in the Paleo diet. Nuts are also high in calories, except these calories are much healthier and are great for us as snacks. We should restrain from eating too much of these though, as we can still get fat from eating them.


Daily Exercises for a Healthy Lifestyle

Daily Exercises for a Healthy Lifestyle

Not many people do realise it, but the heart is a muscle that gets stronger and healthier by you training it and growing it, leading a healthy life. Many of us today ignore this and instead adopt very sedentary lives. As a result, our bodies get more and more out of shape and when it is finally too late, we realise that we put on a few too many pounds on ourselves. I recall my own experience of seeing myself put on 5 KG of weight over 1 year, after the year of sedentary living as well as drinking too much alcohol every week. Furthermore, this was enhanced by attending events with too many delicious catered buffet spreads every week.

Our diet and exercise

While we have already spoken about the beneficial foods that you can eat to lose weight, proper diets must be accentuated with a proper lifestyle for you to see better results. It is often hard to start exercising, but perhaps even starting with brisk walking for 30 minutes a day helps and counts as starting daily exercise. It is proven via research that people who exercise daily have half the risk of heart disease and other related diseases.

How to start exercising

From this article, we seek to highlight various types of exercise you can do every day to help you feel healthier everyday and lose more weight. However, before we start, it is important to first get some motivation for you to lose weight and start exercising. It is good to first start by visualising what you are going to do for exercise, and how fit you would like to be. If you are looking forward to having a ripped set of abs for your body, visualise it and imagine what you do will help you work towards it.

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Also, it helps to look at your exercise as something fun you do everyday, rather than a chore. No one likes to be forced to do things, and if you can train your brain to look at daily exercise as something to look forward to, it will definitely help you with keeping to your daily or weekly exercise routine.

Your actual exercise plan


I would say that stretching is one of the most important components of your exercise. Firstly, stretching loosens your muscles and causes you to be more flexible. It reduces the chance for cramps and allows you to strain your body more during your exercise. Also, it prevents your muscles from aching too much and allows you to prepare for the next day of work, and if you feel like it, more exercise.

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Aerobic Exercise ‘Cardio’

In your daily or weekly exercise plan, remember to include a significant amount of aerobic exercise, or some people term it as ‘cardio’. Some examples of this include jogging, running and even cycling. Many gyms have their own machines that help you do this, but if you prefer the great outdoors, fresh air is always good to have with your exercise.

Strength Training

Strength training is an important part of most exercise routines as well, and it does help to channel the fat that you want to reduce into muscle, which is more useful for you. If you do not have a gym yourself, you can buy a few dumbbells to put at home for your exercise. Remember to pick a set of dumbbells that are of a suitable weight for you, so that you do not hurt yourself.

Great Foods for Losing Weight

Foods for Losing Weight

Everyone is obsessed with losing weight these days, as thin and not thick is considered more beautiful in the world today. However, not everyone eats adequately or healthily to allow any changes to happen in their body. Furthermore, a healthy diet must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. One should not sit in front of the computer typing away for 12 hours a day, but instead should get up and walk about whenever they can. In fact, daily exercise of even at least 15 minutes a day can help anyone lose weight.

Aside from the typical foods that people know are healthy and good for you, let me tell you more about some foods that can help you lose those extra pounds, fast.


Eggs are actually good sources of protein and can play a major role in weight loss. They are also a type of slow release energy foods that will keep you energised along the way. There was a study done on overweight women that proved eggs are actually good for weight loss. Women who ate eggs lost twice as much weight as women who ate bagels. Eggs also do not have higher cholesterol than other foods.

Chicken and Fish

Lean protein helps you stay fuller for a longer period of time. Lean protein also has amino acids which can help you build muscle. As your body burns more calories trying to digest protein than carbohydrates, proteins are an essential part of any weight-loser’s diet. However most people don’t know if they eat enough protein or not.


Milk, especially reduced-fat milk, is very good as a protein dish for your diet. It is one of the healthiest dairy items, is low in fat, and is one of the best sources for protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B. It is studied that high in calcium adults burn more fat a day than any other adult.



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Certain beans are actually very healthy to eat, are rich in proteins and other nutrients your body needs, and are packed with fibre. To top it off, beans are often inexpensive, filling and also versatile ingredients for any sorts of food. Beans also are slow to digest and will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time. For example, Garbanzo beans pack more than 2 grams of starch per half a cup serving that will be able to help one lose weight in due course. Also, Black beans pack a 15 grams of protein without the saturated fat per serving. Kidney beans are also very notable, offering protein and fibre per serving.


Fruit are definitely one of the better foods to eat when you are losing weight. Not only are they not processed, fruits are very natural and some are also very tasty and sweet. Notable fruits include Grapefruits, where ingesting it or their juices daily can aid in weight loss, due to its ability in reducing insulin levels. Grapefruit serves as a good snack, breakfast side dish or even a salad topping. Otherwise, Oranges are also good at producing fibre, thus eating them will allow one to feel full longer throughout the day, thus making people eat less.

Healthy Food And Dieting

Healthy Food and Dieting

Our body weight is determined a lot by age and what we eat. After a certain age, mainly 30, the body changes are usually major. At a younger age, you will find an individual eating junk food especially chips, on a daily basis and nothing changes. Try that after 30 and you will be left wondering what is happening to you. Sometimes, a woman gives birth and her whole body becomes unrecognizable. At different levels and stages in life, especially for women, our body is bound to take different shapes. This is made even worse when we attend events with a lot of drinking and eating buffets. What do we do to be in control?

Our daily diet can help us retain a good body weight. It is important to eat the right food that will give you the right nutritional value and provide the body with essential nutrients for its daily activity. The metabolic activity of every individual is different, ever since the start of time. Peoples work careers are different. The nutritional needs of a man and that of a woman are totally different. A car mechanic does a lot of physical work of lifting and tightening. His diet will be heavier. A woman who sits in the office the whole day, morning to evening, will live on a low diet. Usually, sitting makes the fat settle around the stomach area. To avoid this, it is important for gym exercise and to eat less fatty foods.

When we look at some people, they have been given particular diets by the doctors. More often, you will find that most ailments are due to a deficiency of a particular nutrient that the body is lacking. The body is sometimes not able to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food we eat. Faced with such a situation, it is wise to get to know what will improve your body by assisting it in the absorption process.

Our diet is divided into, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats,fiber and micro nutrients. When we eat, it is important to prepare these foods in a way that the nutritional value of each food will be felt within. Examples of these foods are;

  • Carbohydrates – rice, spaghetti, maize
  • Proteins – animal products and meat, some cereal products like lentils, beans, black beans
  • Vitamins – most fruits pawpaw, mangoes, passion fruit,
  • Fats – animal meat, vegetable oil extracts
  • Fiber – vegetables like kales. It is also in cereal foods coating, some fruits like mangoes, full rice.

In different parts of the world, you will find that the same nutrients may be found in different foods. This is because different parts of the world produce different kinds of food. When choosing the kind of food to take, look for what is fresh and readily available.

Today, a lot of countries are producing food for economic benefit. They export to other countries for revenue. This makes it easier to access most foods in different parts of the world.

When you think about your diet, make sure that you get a portion on each type of nutrient. Remember, nutrient deficiency causes ailment and disease. Also know and understand your body well. When you need to diet, you need to:

  • Know your body well and understand why you are dieting
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Exercise