Foods to Avoid During a Diet

Foods to Avoid During a Diet

Dieting can be a difficult process. The most difficult phase is when you first start. It is very hard to keep up with it when you aren’t used to the diet just yet. However, with enough discipline and focus it can be done! However, just to give you a head start, here are a few things that you should definitely avoid if you want your diet to be a success!

French Fries and Potato Chips

potato chipsPotatoes in their natural form are healthy and good for you; however, once you deep fry anything, the majority of its nutritional value goes out the window! French fries and other deep fried foods are incredibly fattening and should be avoided at all costs!

Sugary Drinks

sugary drinksSugary like artificial orange juices, coke, sprite, and so on are seriously bad for your health! Not only do they cause weight gain, but the sugars contained within them damage your digestive system over time. Because sugary drinks don’t register in your brain as solid foods, their entire contents are absorbed directly into your system. Any carbs within these drinks, of which there are many, are absorbed directly and pop out right on your stomach line! If you don’t want your belly sticking out, then I suggest that you stop drinking sugary drinks!

White Bread

white breadWhite bread has been refined to death and contains many extra sugars. The value of grains is already quite low for your body; in fact many diets omit grain-based foods completely! White bread is the worst by far as any nutrition that used to be in the whole grain bread has been removed, leaving only carbs and sugars!

Candy Bars

candy barI don’t think this one comes as much of a shock to anyone. Candy bars contain insane amounts of sugar, non-natural oils, as well as refined flour, making them dangerously unhealthy. The average candy bar contains 300 calories on its own! If you really like your sugars, try a piece of fruit instead.

Pastries, Cookies and Cakes

cookiesPastries, cookies, and cakes are filled with artificial flavours, refined sugars and flours, as well as a ton of trans fats that are responsible for a lot of today’s diseases!


Large Portions of Alcohol

beerIn truth, the mystery of whether or not alcohol is good for you has yet to be proven. There seems to be some amount of healthiness in consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. However, when it comes to beer, there is no mystery that it is bad for your health. Beer can and does fall under the same category as sugary drinks, as that is basically what it is. Beer should be avoided completely, while other drinks, such as wines or whiskey, can be consumed in small or moderate amounts. If you drink too much at once, not only is it bad for your diet, but it is also bad for your overall health! Please do not overeat or overdrink any of the above things! Avoid them at all costs so that you and your diet can have a happy healthy relationship!

Does Fasting Work?

Does Fasting Work?

Fasting is all the rage in today’s era of desired weight loss. We have reached the point where people are noticing more and more that the average weight of the human race is increases as the years go by. Many people attempt to combat weight gain with fasting of various kinds. In this article, we will discuss two different supposed uses for fasting and why they don’t work for long!

intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the idea of fasting on and off long term. It may be that you fast for 16 hours of the day and eat only during 8; or it may be that you fast for a full day and eat normally the following day. Unfortunately, neither of these fasting plans work!  When you fast for 16 hours, you may lose 50 grams or so of weight, however, during the 8 where you begin eating gain, you will gain as much or more back! In the same way if you fast for a full day, whatever weight you may have lost over the twenty four hours will be returned to you in full the following day when you eat again. The reason for this is simple. When you deprive your body of food, it goes into starvation mode. When it does this, the body will use the fat and protein stored within it as fuel. However, when you introduce food back into your system, you are still in starvation mode. Another aspect of starvation mode is that your body will absorb any and all fat content of the foods you eat, in an attempt to combat your supposed starvation! So you see, by refusing to fuel your body with the nutrients it requires, you are in fact forcing it to store extra fat. This is why intermittent fasting doesn’t work!


fastingMany people also choose to fast for a few days or even a week in an attempt to remove the toxins from your body. What these people are likely unaware of, is that the toxins in your body are there because of the things you’re eating! Well, yes, they probably know that, but not this next part! The body itself already has a detoxification system! This system functions perfectly so long as you eat the right foods! If you eat the correct foods, your body’s internal detoxification system will keep your whole body clean at all times. However, if you are putting high calorie and fatty foods into your system, then it doesn’t matter if you fast to detoxify it as you will simply ingest those toxins again as soon as you begin eating!

Healthy diet food

Find a Healthy Diet

So instead of trying to starve your body, all you need to do is find a healthy diet to follow! As long as you are eating nutritious foods high in protein, with little or no negative fats and carbs, you won’t need to fast at all! Fasting is not wrong, or necessarily bad for you; however, fasting is also not an answer to weight gain!

Dieting Tips for Beginners

Dieting Tips for Beginners

Dieting seems like a very difficult thing for those who have never done it before. Some spend months or years trying to diet, but it just doesn’t work. The reason is because dieting is both more complex and yet much simpler than you think. Many people go about dieting all wrong. So, here are a few tips on how to diet for beginners.

The Contrasting Power of Calories and Energy

The first mistake many people make is not recognizing the need to combine your level of calorie intake to your energy output. If you are the sort of person who prefers to stay around at home; never jogs, runs, cycles, or any other form of exercise; then you will have a low energy output. Because of this, if you wish to lose weight you must limit your calorie intake. Your calorie intake has to be lower than your energy output in order to lose weight, otherwise regardless of how little you eat, you will not change size! On the other hand, if you exercise often, you can and should eat more calories than the energy you’re burning. If you do not, you will be in serious danger of blacking out during your exercises and becoming dangerously skinny!

Macronutrients and Micronutrients

dietThe three macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These nutrients are needed in large amounts and perform many tasks for the body. The amount of these you should eat depends again on your lifestyle. If you do not exercise often, then you should ingest a smaller amount of these things; whereas if you exercise often you should eat a larger amount of these in order to keep your body going. Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in small amounts. You must make sure that your diet accounts for both macronutrients and micronutrients. The foods that you eat must contain the correct amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats, but they must also contain the correct number of all the various vitamins and minerals your body needs. If you’re able to balance these, then you should start seeing some progress in your diet after a month or two!

Organic Food

You Must Eat Whole Foods

It is of vital importance that you eat mostly whole foods. Whole foods are foods that contain just a single ingredient in them. They have not been processed nor had anything added to them. Things like eggs, vegetables, and meats fall under this category. These foods are abundant with nutrients that are good for your body. Processed foods, or foods that have been made in a factory and had things added to them, tend to have what is known as empty calories. Empty calories are calories that provide no use to your body and often get stored as excess fat. If you avoid these processed foods and eat at least 90% whole foods, as well as following the other tips above, you will have a good diet plan ready to execute!

Low Carb Diet – Do They Work?

Low Carb Diet – Do They Work?

A low carb diet is a kind of diet designed to get your body burning the carbs that’s already inside it, rather than the carbs being put into it. Its main purpose is to force the body to use its stored fat as fuel rather than the carbs you are eating on a daily basis. While this sounds great, the big question is does that really work? The answer is both yes and no; here’s why!

Low carb diet

Low Carb Diets Really Work! For a while…

When you first start using a low carb diet, the initial reaction is that you start eating less food. When you eat less food, your body uses both fat and protein stores in your body as fuel. While this will burn some of your fat very quickly, you will indeed notice that you lose weight extremely fast compared with normal diets. However, the initial weight loss is most protein, rather than fat. Your body will in fact use the proteins in your muscles before it uses your fat. This will cause your body to become smaller, but also weaker. The worst part is that because you are using a low carb diet you cannot work out regularly without risking nausea and fatigue issues. (Which you may get regardless) So, yes, low carb diets will successfully make you smaller in just a week or two; however, if you use this diet long term it can have detrimental effects on your muscular system, as well as your health in general.

Low carb pyramid

If this is the Case, why do People still use Low Carb Diets Long-Term?

As a matter of fact, there are many different types of low carb diets. The one we were referring to in the previous section is the most common low carb diet. Long term low carb diets tend to work differently if they are to be successful. Instead of limiting the amount of food eaten, your diet is modified so that you are eating low carb foods that are high in protein. Someone who is avoiding carbs but still eating as much as they should be will often eat mainly vegetables five times a day! This way, even though they are technically eating less at a time, their body is still getting the proteins it needs in order to keep its muscular system intact. With this form of low carb diet, you can safely exercise and your body will burn mostly fat rather than protein. It will take a bit longer for any major results to be seen compared with the first type of low carb diet; however, if you use this version, you can stick with it for as long as you need to without any risk of harm to your body. It is strongly recommended that you never deprive your body of what it needs to survive; so if you really want to go on a low carb diet, make sure you are still providing your body with the nutrients and proteins it needs!

The Paleo Diet for Newbies

The Paleo Diet for Newbies

Have you been on a large number of diets and none of them have worked out for you? Well, look no further because you’ve just found the diet made just for you! If you’re honest about dieting and committed to seeing it through, I guarantee that this diet will change your life for the better! Not only will it make your life better, but it will also make YOU healthier and stronger than you’ve ever been before? Oh, you’ve never heard of the Paleo diet? Not a problem! Let me get you up to speed!

Paleo Diet

The Basics of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat the way we used to eat a long time ago! Back before the age of agriculture, human kind would hunt animals and gather fruits and vegetables for food. We didn’t have farms with access to grain and processed foods. We had whatever nature offered to us for that day; nothing more and nothing less! The Paleo diet is an attempt to get back to where we used to be. Please don’t misunderstand; this doesn’t mean you have to go live in a cave and hunt for the rest of your life! That would be ridiculous of us to ask of you! All we ask of you is to restrict yourself to the same diet that you would have had in those times.

So, What Exactly do I have to do?

Paleo Food DietIt is not a case of what you must ‘do’, but rather what you must ‘not do!’ In order to fulfil the Paleo diet, you must not eat anything that does not grow naturally. Cereals, bread, candies, and any other processed food are not allowed during this diet. You must limit yourself to meats, vegetables, fruits, oils and nuts that grow in nature without human intervention. Anything grown by humans or from factories should be avoided!

Paleo Diet Chart

Specifics about the Foods You can Eat

You may eat meat, but it must be grass-raised! If an animal is raised on grains then it will have the same internal issues that we humans have from them. Any animal you eat, whether from land, air, or ocean, must be free range, (Not caged), and be raised on natural foods as well. In regards to fruits, any and all of these may be eaten in their natural state. You must be careful about the quantity of fruits that you consume as many of them contain large amounts of sugar; even though these sugars are natural sugars, having too many in your system will harm your body and could cause weight gain. Any oils that you use in your cooking must also be natural. Some great oils to use are olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil; all wonderful and natural oils! Nuts are also good for your diet, so long as they are not salted or contain other additives. The only thing you must be aware of is that nuts are high in calories so don’t eat too many of them at once! So long as you follow these dietary requirements, you will be well on your way to becoming a healthier and stronger you! So what are you waiting for?


Foods You can Eat During ‘Cheat Days’

Foods You can Eat During ‘Cheat Days’

When we go on diets, some of us use things called cheat days. Cheat days have two purposes; one is to boost your mind-set. It can become quite a hassle to follow a diet every single day. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a day where you eat what you want, but just not in excess! So long as you don’t overeat, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Another reason can be to trick your body into thinking it is getting enough calories, thereby reigniting the fat burning metabolism. Whichever of the reasons it is for; here are some foods that you can safely cheat with!

Low Carb Pizza

low carb pizzaYes! Believe it or not, you can even eat a pizza on your cheat day! Don’t go for any ordinary, mediocre pizza though! Go for the low carb pizzas that have healthier bases and less meat and cheese on the topping compared to most. You may think that this won’t taste good, but I guarantee that it will be absolutely delicious if you give it a chance!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also a good cheat food to have. Dark chocolate tastes a bit bitter compared to milk chocolate, but hey, it’s still chocolate right? Think you can get away with 30% dark chocolate? Nice try! It should be at least 70-80% dark chocolate if you really don’t want it to have any effect on your diet!


Cheese, surprisingly is quite good for you in small amounts. There are many different types of cheese and most people like at least one if not most of them! So if you really want to eat something sweet on your cheat day, get some cheese! Try to avoid combining the cheese with crackers or bread as these things contain more carbs and may affect your diet.

Salami or Bacon

While bacon and salami may already be on your ‘okay list’ of foods, these are wonderfully delicious ‘cheat day’ foods as well! A nice piece of crispy bacon, or some baked salami always tastes good and lasts a long time in your mouth! Be warned, however! Do not attempt to cheat too much by frying with large portions of oil! If you add too much oil to your bacon it will reduce its protein value and increase carbs.

Bell Peppers and Avocado Dip

Chopped Bell Peppers with an Avocado Dip

Bell Peppers are lovely cooked or raw! On their own, they already taste great; but with a low carb avocado dip, the combination is amazing! It’s as though you’re having chips and dip, but without the carbs! If you really want to cheat on your diet, which is a perfectly okay thing to do, these sorts of foods are the ones you should be looking for! Because no matter how much of these things you eat, as long as you don’t overeat, your metabolism will be re-fired along with your mind set. But the best part is, you won’t even gain any weight from it! Your diet will go on uninterrupted!