The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet has been gaining much traction in the healthy living and gym-rat’s world today. The simple idea of this diet is that it is simply allowing us humans to revert back to our past habits of eating. However, when I talk about the past, this means all the way back to the cavemen period, during the neolithic era, where all we would eat was meat and some vegetables. Basically, anything that our cavemen ancestors could hunt and find. This means that we cannot eat any more processed foods, such as cereal or pasta. Instead, replace these with leaves, nuts, fish, seeds and meat.

Grains are Bad for You

With the Paleo diet, it is purportedly so healthy that one can stop counting the calories that they take in everyday. In the past, grains were not part of our diet at all, and actually are one of the main reasons why we are all accumulating so much fat. Grains are carbohydrates that are turned into glucose in our body, which are stored as fat if we do not use them. In the video below, I will show you how this is possible.

Grains also contain things such as gluten and lectin, which can cause damage to humans who are either gluten intolerant, and lectins are actually poisonous and harmful to our bodies.

Our bodies in the past are very used to having lesser than the required carbohydrates to generate energy for our bodies, and when there are not enough carbohydrates, our bodies take fat that is stored in us and burn that during ketogenesis. Therefore, the general notion is that eating less carbs means more fat will be burnt.

Instead of obtaining carbohydrates from processed foods and grains, one can gain them from more natural sources, such as vegetables, potatoes and also fruits. Vegetables are very nutritious and it is hard to get fat from eating them.

What about dairy products?

Champions of the Paleo diet tell us to avoid dairy products as there are lots of fat in most dairy and milk products. They say that this is because after infancy, no one is supposed to drink milk after that. Our bodies are purportedly not designed for dairy or milk intake after our infancy stages.

So What can we eat?


The meat that we take must be taken from sources that are naturally fed. These meats cannot be from grain fed sources, but from grass fed sources. Animals that eat grains also are privy to the same difficulties in digesting them, like humans. Similarly, we can eat meats such as chicken, turkey, and any other meats from birds that have wings (and attempt to fly with them). Fish are also a great source of meat and protein, as long as we avoid farmed fish which may have high concentrations of mercury and other sorts of toxins.


The oils that we take must also be natural. Some sources of this include olive oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil. Try to avoid animal oils as these types of oils may not be healthy for you.

Fruits and Nuts

Fruits have high natural sugars and are a great fit for us in the Paleo diet. Nuts are also high in calories, except these calories are much healthier and are great for us as snacks. We should restrain from eating too much of these though, as we can still get fat from eating them.


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